STARTkeyboard_arrow_down In the contemporary world self-awareness and energy awareness become indispensable to handle challenges, and to live a happy life. NATALIA WŁODARSKA

How do I understand coaching?


The greatest asset


The greatest journey, life journey - journey into yourself!


Coaching is meant to make the most of the client’s potential in order to ensure desired harmony and fulfillment in a well-balanced life. I am always fully committed to make my clients realize that they are already equipped with all the resources necessary to achieve ambitious goals, and that personal and professional development is a wonderful journey into yourself. This is why I am here – to help people get more satisfaction every day, to develop their strengths and passions.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!

The greatest asset

My greatest strength is the ability to build the atmosphere of trust and mutual respect, and subsequently to awaken curiosity and desire to step out of the comfort zone. One of my clients wrote that I had managed to crack his code. It’s not that I have one universal silver bullet solution, I always try to find many ways to reach each client individually to help every single one of them decode the secret message by themselves in the end.

Tools which boost you to dare for more!


I can ask good and tough questions which hit the nail on the head. During the session I share my knowledge and tools to enable my clients to handle another challenges independently, and to make them capable of substituting their past thinking habits and emotionally driven reactions for those more supportive and desirable. Thus I encourage to dare for more in order to optimize the level of self-fulfilment as well as of satisfaction from both professional and private lfe.


I have been working with Natalia for over 12 years now. That’s the acid test of how we are capable of handling various projects and challenges, both the pleasant and the most demanding ones, concerning wellbeing, and life in general, respectively.

Natalia is a very attentive and sensitive person, and thereby a sound and solid professional. She combines soft aspects with business features, knows how to use the language of measurable benefits speaking to company management boards.

She led and was fully accountable for a great number of development projects, locally as well as globally, cooperating with the headquarters at an international level. Natalia is an excellent HR advisor and coach – leading both individual coaching sessions and coaching-based trainings.

She is a mature and very responsible team member who may be entirely entrusted with any task that needs to be dealt with.

Agnieszka Trysła-Board Member TVN Discovery, Vice President People&Culture
We are pleased to inform that for a few years we have been cooperating with Natalia Włodarska in the area of coaching and training.
Together we have organized a lot of trainings, focus workshops, and anti-stress sessions, all of them of first-class quality. I earnestly recommend cooperating with Natalia who is a reliable, trustworthy and prudent business Partner.
Anna Malinowska-Learning& Development Manager RASP Polska
I highly recommend the trainings led by Natalia who delivers Media Trainings for all female participants signed up for the wide range of long-established programs at Vital Voices Poland. Natalia will aptly identify and boost your media potential, rehearse public speeches with you, and suggest the best frame for achieving your goals.
Not only does she prompt how to use the media to strenghten your market position but also, and above all else, Natalia’s tips are the key to building brand image effectively.
Empathetic, direct, professional. Unique.
Ela Raczkowska-CEO Vital Voices Poland
Natalia is an experienced and highly regarded lecturer, trainer and coach. For over 5 years together with the HPR Team Group she has been creating and developing the school of coaching and team coaching. She participates in other development projects as well. What I utterly appreciate is Natalia’s businesslike attitude, honesty and approachability, and, most of all, how much passion and love she instills into her work.
Iza Kluzek-Kot-CEO HPR Group
I can wholeheartedly recommend Natalia and most-highly esteem her ability to listen, diagnose and put forward very pro-active initiatives and programmes. Natalia’s ability to operate with senior leaders, board members and individuals at all levels is exemplary. I admire the way she has inspired team members who work with her on a voluntary basis, having run hugely successful global & local wellbeing and mental health projects. Personally, I rate her systemic approach and her ability to remain calm when the world around her is not.
Christian Hug-Vice President Lifeworks&Inclusion Discovery
LEM (Life Energy Management) coaching sessions let me understand that to feel good you need to constantly work on yourself. This investment will pay off. Not only is the outside we have to nourish but the inside as well.

I recommend the sessions with Natalia as they help maintain the balance all of us are searching for.

I met Natalia during my ICF certification for professional coaches, the classes led by Natalia were by all means the best I had ever had. Practice, expertise and the way she shares it make you hungry for more and more. I also had an opportunity to work with Natalia as a coach and that was an enormously inspiring time for me. Maturity, attentiveness, experience, unerring intuition and energy Natalia infuses into each session make her one of the best coaches I know
Thank you for the energy, the power to be capable of seeking it inside and in the surrounding world, for the practicable tips how to act in accordance with who you are and what you believe!
I always wanted to take up meditation, I attended various sessions… but I was never truly satisfied. After lots of attempts to approach meditation it finally clicked with me – thanks to Natalia.
Natalia showed me that meditation is a self-talk, that you feel the Energy flowing through – that was a turning point for me. Besides, her composure and personality make you perfectly sense what she is talking about, and what she wants to convey – that’s beautiful.
Natalia combines a few features which make your inner journey, the quest for natural energy more reinforcing and effective. She unceasingly encourages you to listen to yourself, and to follow your gut instinct, she equips you with tools necessary to continue the process of reinventing yourself on your own.
Natalia has great energy, she helped me find mine, even at the most difficult times! I am incredibly grateful and sincerely recommend working with Natalia!
Everyday inspirational pieces of advice on how to master your own life – from substantial afterthoughts to tiny nuances. I love how Natalia decodes self-power that leads to greater satisfaction with your own life. Her sessions always leave me with this extraordinary energy.