Life Energy Management Coaching -
advanced tools in coaching

If you are a coach who works or wants to work with clients according to the principle that every thought we think and every emotion we feel is energy, and besides you:

  • are in the middle of accreditation process,
  • need points to renew accreditation,
  • want to work at a deeper level of mission and identity,

During a three-day training

  • make yourself familiar with advanced coaching tools,
  • know what LEM coaching is based on,
  • experience tools concerning 4 areas – body, mind, emotions and spirituality,
  • assess your own level of life energy, and master life energy management,
  • define inner conflicts, fears, blocks,
  • learn how to focus on positive effects.

What matters most – your key benefits:

  • knowing LEM model,
  • working at a deeper level of consciousness with your clients,
  • training of effective coaching presence,
  • defining your own areas of development,
  • opening to using more intuitive coaching tools.
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