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I invite you to select specific activities from the offer which is tailor-made to individual clients or groups.

About this course
Business coaching
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Possible areas of cooperation:

  • coaching people management style,
  • non-financial methods of motivation,
  • elements of coaching in communication and teamwork,
  • emotion management,
  • building self-image,
  • public appearances (also in the media).


Inspirational lectures for the organization concerning:

  • employees’ personal transformation,
  • leadership styles,
  • self-motivation,
  • caring for yourself and your life energy.


Support for teams, groups, organizations, and management boards:

  • implementing complex wellbeing projects,
  • implementing Diversity&Inclusion projects, and supporting women in organizations,
  • leading focus groups to work out solutions for the organization,
  • leading focus groups to work out solutions for the Board.

Business coaching

  1. Managerial/executive coaching:
    development in leader’s role, managerial promotion, strategic decision making, professional burnout
  2. Employee coaching:
    area of communication with coworkers, soft skills development, assertiveness, time and stress management
  3. Team coaching:
    building team effectiveness, improvement of team communication and cooperation
  4. Mix:
    combining two approaches: individual coaching for a team leader and team coaching for a team
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