Wellbeing workshops

“Be the energy you want to attract”

Nowadays it is not enough to eat good food, practice sports, and visit your doctor to be healthy. What else counts is to work with emotions, stress, and mental fatigue which drains positive energy.

If you want your employees to:

  • learn how to take care of their own mood, health and longevity,
  • secure relevant level of energy every day,
  • familiarize themselves with practical techniques and tools ready to use at home and at work,
About this courses
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A two-day course consists of 3 modules:

Module 1. Body:

  • breathing techniques,
  • longevity planning,
  • Chinese exercise and healing technique – Chi kung.

Module 2. Mind:

  • limiting beliefs,
  • freeing the mind,
  • racing thoughts.

Module 3. Emotions:

  • positive intentions of emotions,
  • six healing sounds.

What matters most – key benefits for participants:

  • holistic view on own self,
  • changing old limiting beliefs concerning health,
  • new tools to work with difficult emotions,
  • supportive practices and modeling exercises from China, India, Hawaii,
  • effective techniques to boost positive energy,
  • identifying areas for further growth.
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